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Woo-Woo in the Workplace

Imagine your boss calls you and asks you to meditate as part of your job responsibilities. What would you think? What would you say? Most people would laugh out loud at the absurdity of it.  For many, the idea is simply un-imaginable.  ‘Why would you ever waste your time on that?  We have real work to do,’ they might say. The perception is that meditation is

Energy That Spreads

Here’s the disclaimer: I am NOT pushing Prudential Financial Services.  What I am pushing is the idea that small things can impact a much bigger picture.  This illustrates our “Pebble in the Pond” concept, the idea that you are like a pebble that when thrown in a pond radiates energy to those around you. It is either energy that expands or contracts others around you. Notice

What Does It Mean to Be Resistant to Change?

We have clients with a global footprint who operate with team members from all corners of the globe. Most use English as their universal language and for many of the team members, English is their second language. This sometimes presents a challenge where ideas, collaboration or dialogue can get lost in translation. Not this time. On this rare and lucky occasion, valuable

Take off your Watch

It you want to build your habit, let’s start with self-awareness and understanding the need to embrace repetition.  It’s not about how much time you practice, it’s about the number of reps that you do. First, change your attitude about repetition.  Often, we think that repetition is dull, tedious, and very unappealing.  There are ways to build your mental capacity for repetition,

What is Social Pain?

Recently I attended a presentation by UCLA psychology professor Matt Lieberman who enlightened his audience with his new findings on social pain. Social pain is pain experienced when we are bullied,  belittled, or rejected by family, friends or even work team members. This pain also has an impact on our performance in the same way that our performance would be