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Control your Thoughts

Control your Thoughts

How many of you remember Darth Vader in the Star Wars movies?  He could eliminate his friends and foes “with just a single thought.”  Those of us watching the big screen, were astounded with the idea of that kind of power.

It is true that the mind is a powerful tool, and while you may not be able to knock down your enemies just by thinking of it, you can take yourself out with a single thought.

Thoughts that do not serve you, that continue to roll around in your mind like a record skipping over and over, will indeed take you out.  They can begin to influence your actions simply because you are imagining what others think about you.

“I’m too fat.” “I’m unattractive.”  “My mother doesn’t care for me.” If  you don’t get control of these thoughts, they will begin to control you.  Do you stop from doing something because you “think” you can’t do it?  To the point of not even trying?

Before you let these thoughts go too far, STOP and REFLECT.  Stop and reflect on the thought.  Is this a good thought or is this one that is not serving you?  If it is not serving you in a positive way, substitute it with a different thought.  Instead of thinking about being unattractive, reframe this thought with “I’m OK with who I am.”

It’s not hard to get control of your thoughts.  It takes practice to do this.  And imagine how much more powerful you feel when you in control.