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Energy That Spreads

Energy That Spreads

Here’s the disclaimer: I am NOT pushing Prudential Financial Services.  What I am pushing is the idea that small things can impact a much bigger picture.  This illustrates our “Pebble in the Pond” concept, the idea that you are like a pebble that when thrown in a pond radiates energy to those around you. It is either energy that expands or contracts others around you.

Notice how you can’t help but laugh when others around you are laughing? That is energy that feels infectious.  And the same is true of negative energy, energy that we want to minimize.

Professor Dan Gilbert and his team are attempting to break the Guiness World Record on toppling the largest domino, in this case a one ton wall. Watch this video below and you will be amazed to see how the energy expands.  A small domino pushes over a much larger domino – a MUCH LARGER domino.

Our challenge to you: Be that domino that starts the chain reaction and see if YOU can push over something bigger than yourself!