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What We Do

At StrategyClicks we believe that performance is the sum of our habits, so the results you are producing right now are perfectly aligned with the habits you have in play. Through onsite and online consulting, learning labs, leadership skill development programs, and executive coaching, our team helps our clients build the new habits and the business environments where people can do their best thinking, their best collaborating and, together, produce results that matter.

The People-Side of Performance Consulting

You can have the best strategy, process, and technology, and yet, we need people to make it work well.  It is the people-side of performance that can make or break a team, a project, or a company.


Culture is more than just a catch phrase. It’s the people-side of performance and it has a direct impact on business results because it has a direct neurological and biochemical impact on your brain.  Your culture and the environment in which you work directly influences how your team processes information, the quality of their decisions, and how they trust each other to collaborate.   Your culture will either open your team members’ ability to think and perform – or it will close it down.  Left unattended, an unhealthy or an outdated culture can reinforce old habits and cause real damage.


Instead of an off-the-shelf approach, StrategyClicks uses a combination of business acumen, neuroscience, human development science, social dynamics, and action research to create a flexible approach that promotes action and results.  We expect your team will be full participants, with their voice and ideas driving the process so you can become self-sufficient.  When team members are full participants, they can see their contributions and the skills, development, and results last long after our engagement is over.


Situations where The People-Side of Performance Consulting could make a difference:


  • Implementing and improving Lean or Continuous Process Improvement
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Periods of rapid change (High growth, new projects, economic shifts, etc.)
  • Situations that require your team to adapt

Remote Teams – Remote Does Not Mean Distant

When the pandemic of 2020 changed almost everything about how we work, it paradoxically created hardship and accelerated transformation for businesses around the world. Old strategies of in-person work no longer apply in this new paradigm and PowerPoint cannot carry the day. In all ways leaders and teams are being called upon to adapt.


The aspects of physical distance and time zones are important, but the real complexity of remote teams comes from the “self-management” and relationships across your team. StrategyClicks works with you to develop the tools that call upon personal accountability, self-leadership, and collaboration. We show you how to restructure the workday to minimize screen fatigue and distractions, and to maximize idea generation and focus. Most importantly, we show you how to break through the screen to build and earn trust.


Applying the tenets of cognitive science, neurobiology, and creativity, StrategyClicks works with you to develop remote and hybrid teams that are creative, focused, energized, and connected.

Expand Leadership Capacity – Development Programs

Leadership is a practice not an information set or directive. Simply asking people to lead, to communicate, to trust, to set direction, to change, and to inspire is not enough. StrategyClicks works with your leaders to differentiate between a ‘training about leadership’ and a hands-on, practical program that develops new skills, embeds new tools, and provides practice through coaching, self-assessment, peer feedback, and the power of cohort-based learning.


As with any skill, the key to learning how to lead is habit development:


Habit Development is different than training. Old habits will want to prevail. New habits and real results take a real time investment. People do not develop new leadership habits in one day.
Real learning and habit development happens in between the when real-time issues and opportunities to practice new skills will begin to emerge. We expect the day-to-day operations of the teams will inform our unique development direction over the span of the program.


Delivered online or in-person, your leadership capacity program incorporates your business goals and what is needed in your organization with a research-based practical return to the science of how human beings develop new habits that are proven to improve performance. Leaders who complete our programs create operational results that are values-driven, meaningful, and sustainable to the bottom line of their organization. These leaders lead in a way that is energizing, meaningful, and lasting, even in difficult times.

Leaders developed through StrategyClicks programs can…

  • Plan for and lead change at all levels
  • Develop the thinking skills for innovation and process improvement
  • Improve prioritization, decision making and measuring progress
  • Model healthy dialogue and effective communication – especially remotely through a screen
  • Respond to unexpected forces and circumstances with creativity, resourcefulness and intelligent risk taking
  • Level up with confidence – Supervisor through C-suite
  • Welcome new roles and responsibilities as your business evolves
  • Promote healthy physical, emotional, and team-based practices to reduce stress, isolation and waste caused by overwhelm and the mismanagement of time
  • Cross-pollinate and cooperate with other departments and stakeholders
  • Foster ongoing learning and development as a source for your competitive advantage
  • Build a culture of inclusion, trust and results that matter

What other skills or outcomes would you want your leaders to develop in the next 12-24 months?

Skills Labs, Retreats, Workshops

In our experience with the People-Side of Performance, the difference between high and low performing companies are primarily relational and behavioral in nature. When it comes to navigating challenges and learning to adapt in a constantly changing environment, it is the people skills and the communication across functions that really matter


Here are a few examples of workshops and skills labs offered by StrategyClicks. We also customize learning outcomes for your development needs:


  • Lighthouse Leadership – Leadership Tools for Project Managers, Influencers, and Dotted Lines
  • Team Development in Matrix Companies
  • The Art and Science of Feedback (Step One: It’s not really about feedback)
  • Communicating with Impact
  • Adaptation for Engineers
  • Meaningful Facilitation and Meetings
  • Experience Customer Service
  • SuperMeetings – Facilitation Skills for Lean Practitioners and Process Improvement
  • The Elite Facilitator – Advanced Facilitation Skills for Master Black Belts and CPI practitioners


StrategyClicks becomes your people development partner. Our approach to developing Leadership Capacity and building new skills is a practical return to the science of how human beings develop new habits of leadership that are proven to improve performance. Using our approach our clients have created operational results that are meaningful and sustainable to the bottom line and values of their organization.

Executive and Leadership Coaching

We all know of leaders who are truly magnetic. People and customers naturally gravitate toward them. They are powerful but do not need to use force. They get things done by engaging others, not by ordering people to do the job.


StrategyClicks, Inc.® specializes in coaching Executive and Developing Leaders in the full range of industries. Coaching is a powerful, behavior-based collaborative relationship between each coaching participant and their coach. Coaching works through a process of discovery and strategic action that focuses on the development of each coaching participant’s specific potential applied to the unique needs of the business. It can also prepare the participant for the next few steps in their career, so they are ready when the opportunity arises.


Coaching adds value to organizations when the coaching participants discover how to think and plan more strategically, when they practice new tools for effectiveness, and when they learn how to leverage their strengths. These leaders manage risk more effectively, and they draw the best from people who work with them. Unequivocally, coaching translates to personal and professional growth, and financial and operational growth for your business.

Team Coaching and Facilitation

Companies are networks of people. It can be difficult to see opportunity or create change from inside this network. Sometimes, team’s need a little help.


Using appreciative inquiry and a strengths-based approach, StrategyClicks Team Coaching and Facilitation works with your team to identify and build what you want more of. By asking different kinds of questions, we show your team how to easily spot old habits and business systems that may be unintentionally getting in their way. This may include how you set goals, communicate, practical operating agreements and interactions, earning social capital, and other factors critical to producing the kind of results only possible with the sum of the parts comes together.


StrategyClicks shows your teams how to listen to each other in a new way that inspires creativity, candor, accountability, trust, and action. Working with StrategyClicks coaches, your team co-creates a unique energy from the inside out that is sustainable and reproducible.

Keynotes and Conferences

Call us when you need a practical, powerful, and engaging keynote address to spark discussion, improve relatedness, and add to the value of your meeting, retreat, workshop, or conference.


These addresses are customized to fit your themes and goals for the session.  With just a short keynote, your audience or team can leave the room with skills and energy they can use immediately!


Examples include:


‘On Being InspirABLE: To inspire others, we first have to develop capacity to be inspired.’
InspireHER Fundraiser Breakfast Keynote, Boys & Girls Clubs of Snohomish County, 2022


‘Plot Twist: Developing Practical Skills for Adaptation’
Washington Public Health Association Annual Conference, 2019


‘Cross Cultural Competency & Diplomacy: Practice makes better…’
Pacific Northwest Aerospace Association, Women in Aerospace Annual Conference, WA, 2017


‘Power Up: Managing CPI Leadership and Rank Differential’ and ‘Tools for Addressing Dysfunction’
US Department of the Navy, World-wide Human Resources Conference, San Diego, CA, 2010


“Leveraging Company Personality: Early evidence and practical application for a company personality diagnostic tool”
6th Annual International Conference on Knowledge, Culture & Change in Organizations, Italy, 2006