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Building New Habits

Control your Thoughts

How many of you remember Darth Vader in the Star Wars movies?  He could eliminate his friends and foes “with just a single thought.”  Those of us watching the big screen, were astounded with the idea of that kind of power. It is true that the mind is a powerful tool, and while you may not be able to knock down your

“Best Run” Companies—and other misleading headlines

It happens every January. The “LISTS” emerge. The ‘best and worst’ of everything from the year past. The lists are entertaining at best – and can be dangerous at worst. I say dangerous because many of the lists are myopic and misleading. One list in particular never fails to get my goat: The ‘Best Run’ Companies. When we look deeper into how

Learning is a Forever Thing

You may have read earlier blog posts that I’ve created about my love of John Wooden, college basketball’s greatest coach.  He was called the “Wizard of Westwood” during his 27 seasons as the coach of UCLA and won 10 national championships in a 12-year period.  Unprecedented success. There are so many factors that go into creating a national champion in any

Build a New Cow Path

We know that habits are created with repetition and receiving some sort of reward as a result of engaging in the activity.  Even bad habits will give us a “hit” to our reward center in our brain.  How many of you continue to engage in “bad habits,”  habits that you know are not healthy, but that continue to make you