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Take off your Watch

Take off your Watch

It you want to build your habit, let’s start with self-awareness and understanding the need to embrace repetition.  It’s not about how much time you practice, it’s about the number of reps that you do.

First, change your attitude about repetition.  Often, we think that repetition is dull, tedious, and very unappealing.  There are ways to build your mental capacity for repetition, and it starts with taking the first step and accepting that repetition is the critical element in building habits.  Building your neural pathways which we refer to as “muscle memory” takes time and … yes, you know it, repetition.

Little-known Canadian golfer Moe Norman would hit 800-1000 golf balls a day, 5 days a week.  In 1995, he put on a demonstration by hitting 1500 drives in a row and landing the balls within 15 yards of each other.

So, you want to build a new habit?  Time to get started!